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Hell yeah the No Stars are for sale!!!

Check out our debut record:

The New York No Stars

debut cover      debut backing

Featuring Meghan Wolf, Marco, and Aaron Brooks of The Little Death on drums.

or our follow up:

Empire State of Mind

empire cover    

featuring Meghan Wolf, Marco, and Adam Snyder on drums.

and for the live experience:

The New York No Stars
Live in Lost New York

super duo
Recorded live in the fabulous Elbow Room, N.Y.C.
from two shows in 2002 featuring Meghan Wolf and Marco
with Crash cortez on guitar and Joe Polacik on drums.

The New York No Stars
also appear on eight tribute records!

Look for The New York No Stars
performances on these tribute records:

white stripes tribute    strokes cover    blink
The White Stripes               The Strokes                    Blink 182

vines cover   sevendust cover
The Vines                   

darkness cover   yeah cover   distillers cover
The Darkness        The Yeah Yeah Yeahs       The Distillers

You can get the

 The New York No Stars

for 99 cents! Right now!

open up your   itunes   and search for
"New York No Stars" in the music store
for over 25 songs!

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