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The New York No Stars are a band of beautiful contradictions.  Born on the Bowery with tremendous pop potential, you can dress them up, you can dress them down, and you can take them anywhere.  Theiving innovators of their own Pop Punk Space Rock genre, they have been compared to and stolen from an eclectic litany of pioneers:

The Ramones and Radiohead
Concrete Blonde and Blondie
Pink Floyd and the Go-Go’s
Elastica and the Pretenders
Souxsie Sioux and U2

Formed when N.Y.C. rock veteran Marco (Tijuana Bibles, Your Mother, Laura Dawn) found a powerful vocalist in budding film and television star Meghan Wolf (Guiding Light, Law & Order, Hack, Education of Max Bickford), the New York No Stars quickly established themselves on the New York scene.  Regulars at CBGB’s, Don Hill’s, and the Elbow Room, they were honored when lead singer Meg was asked to join Marky Ramone to sing the finale Pinhead for the Very Ramones Christmas Party.

From the greatest city on earth, the New York No Stars offer a familiar challenge to all those who venture into new worlds.  Give us your tired listeners, your poor A & R people, and all those hungry for the next big thing.  We all have a future together.

Stars don’t understand you.  No stars do.
No one understands you like the New York No Stars.


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